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Re: f/1.8-2.6 lens

schaki wrote:

J1000 wrote:

schaki wrote:

The problem with the P300 was that it had small sensor

I don't own this camera (in fact, I own a Canon), but can you explain to me how the smaller sensor was a problem? In side-by-side comparisons I prefer the high-ISO photos from the P300 to those of the Canon S95 or S100.

Worse DR, and high iso for a small sensor.

Worse DR? Can you give me a side-by-side example? I don't care about charts.

And by "high ISO" I assume you mean "more noise at high ISO" which side-by-side comparisons debunk, in my opinion. As I said, from the samples I've seen, I prefer the P300's high-ISO output to the S100's high-ISO output. The S100 is cleaner at 100% but looks noticeably softer at normal viewing distances.

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