What's the disadvantage of strictly using the center AF point?

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Re: The Eagles have landed.

amobi wrote:

Fog Maker wrote:

amobi wrote:

You don't know anything about me or what my argument is all about. Unlike you I own and shoot with 5DII and 7D.

Now let me explain myself one more time.

1. 5DII has better IQ than 7D from base ISO to High ISO.

2. 7D AF is not any better than 5DII in practical use except on paper. The only thing 7D AF does better than 5DII is shoot 8fps. For what I shoot(weddings, runway models and Portraits) I will take 5DII AF over 7D. YMMV.

I am not a zombie like some of you who believe everything on paper.

Are you slow, or what? I do own both cameras and shoot with them professionally.

So now your, umm, conclusion is that the only thing the '7D AF does better is shoot 8fps'... Whats wrong with you... As far as your first point is concerned, I haven't even discussed that... Not in this thread, nor elsewhere

To save you some workshop money: AF = Auto Focus

Whatever man but I think it is about time you stop stalking me.

Well, stop put words in my mouth and assume things then... and we're all good.

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