NEX 5N Video Tips?

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Re: NEX 5N Video Tips?

A little off topic here, but definitely related to video: overheating.

Any experiences with this issue?

I just did two little informal tests. Both were at 1080p24, with the camera sitting at a desk, filming a kitchen.

Test 1 - Heat warning came on at about 15 minutes, powered off automatically at 25 minutes. I let it sit for about 20 minutes (not because I thought that's how much it needed, but just because I had other stuff to do).

Test 2 - Heat warning came on at about 20 minutes, but the camera was able to reach the full 29 minute-ish max record time. Interestingly, for this test I had the LCD flipped up and away, so maybe that is helpful in dissipating heat.

Kind of a bummer that the camera has issues reaching the max recording time due to heat, but limited record times are a known issue with DSLRs anyway.

A good workaround I suppose would be to set your maximum shots at around 15 minutes, then take 5 to allow the camera to cool and start up again.

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