Canon Colors, Fuji Colors, Olympus JPEGS... A Camera's Look

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The dirty little secret is...

they're ALL capable of excellent exposures. Walk into a golf store and what do you see: Nike, Callaway, Taylor, and a whole host of others. A good golfer can shoot a good round with any of them; a great golfer could tell the differences but still shoot a great round. A duffer like me? It doesn't matter...

Golfers like different makes for the same reason photographers like different cameras. Somewhere in our a way that's hard to describe...we think we can do better with camera A rather than camera B or C.

At the end of the day, the camera only takes the photo; the photographer makes it. You can do that with any of the cameras you've mentioned. The one that lets you do it more instinctively is the one for you.

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