Come on FujiFilm UK, get your act together..!

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You're too much . . .

Stephen 06 wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

I never gave my name, just asked about the the buttons not working. I was just surprised at his answer: The X-S1 is not sold in the UK yet, is yours an import? You would assume that the customer support centre would know what models they are currently selling in the UK.

Is it possible they reckonized your voice and fobbed you off to get rid of you because they think that you are a pest to them?

Almost anything is possible, but you're conflating possible with probable.

I know many people who are well trained and deal with customers over the phone, and they reconize regular voices in an instant....especially ones that have left them with a negative experience in the past. You do call them many times a year and you don't come across as a "Mr. Personality of the Year" type of guy!!

You might make a good novelist, but the forum isn't the right place to get started. Do you think that your bulldog attitude doesn't make you come across as Mr. Personality too? Stick with facts and what you know. Imagining scenarios that might be, but probably aren't, rarely gets to the truth and often pushes threads off the cliff. Is it possible that you have a brain tumor that's made you more aggressive than warranted, perhaps nearly insane? Very unlikely, but of course it's certainly possible.

But what would people think of me if I constantly complained after going back to the same Taxi over and over again and keep getting bad experiences?? That is what you are doing with Fuji.

It's not, Stephen. That would be the case if Paul bought the same camera with the same serial number over and over again. You might have good reason to stick with the same Taxi fleet that has a good reputation, even if they occasionally send you a driver that you don't like. You could also make sure that you don't accept drivers that you've had bad experiences with, but might make exceptions if they're good drivers that "perform better", are able to get you to your destination fasssst when that's important.

It's amazing how you can't see how insane your actions are....because everybody else can.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most farcical of them all? When I mentioned insanity it was clearly used as a false, hyperbolic (but possible) example. You appear to mean "insane" literally, and that's really insane! <g>

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