pre-AI 105 f/2.5 on a D700

Started Feb 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
flhotelin Contributing Member • Posts: 742
Re: pre-AI 105 f/2.5 on a D700

Hmmm, the blades of the AIS version are not rounded so anything wider than 2.5 will result in a bokeh with angular shaped hightlight. If you have to buy one get the AI version with 7 rounded blades (s/n 740001 to 897333), it is even cheaper than the AIS version, you could find one on eBay for 120-150$. I use one 1990, it's a tank.

slimandy wrote:

As you already own it you could try milling it down. I believe the AIS lens is the one to have and they are not expensive. I used to have one and it was rather good.

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