Who is the intended customer of the K-01

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Re: Who is the intended customer of the K-01

Walt_A wrote:

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

I don't know it looks to me like some brain storm session went horrible wrong and got the green light for some reason.

It's a camera without a viewfinder, not some Frankenstein monster.

I really don't think Jonathan Martin has a clue what he's talking about. Fashion market? Come on this isn't a catwalk or an "apple cool" must have product.
It's def not slick enough to be the Apple of the camera world

Can't comment on that I'm neither fashionable nor designer desirable. I will never buy an apple product, I have a small mobile phone and a netbook with a nice old keyboard and titling screen, rather than a iphone and ipad, so it's fair to say I'm not qualified to comment....

I like Apple, but not because of their marketing. They make sleek and simple devices that are easy to use. The style of the K-01 is really nothing like that. [current] Apple products are designed to be subtle and maybe understated, with the exception of the giant Apple logos.

And this is the killer problem for Pentax. With the K-5 on such a good blow out deal right now, why on earth would you even look twice at the K-01? Go buy a K-5 instead

I agree at the moment, but I'm assuming the K-5 will be replaced soon after the K-01 hits the market and the new camera will return to £1K mark again. Then the K-01 will start dropping down to current K-r levels.

I agree, it isn't a K-5 replacement for sure. I imagine a K-5 replacement soonish?

The biggest news from yesterday was the K lens roadmap. Hoya left it basically saying that the K mount lens lineup was complete. A few more lenses popped out that were probably already in the works and we have seen really nothing since.

This should breath new life into the mount and keep people from wondering if it is going to be around tomorrow or not.

It's a camera that didn't know what it wanted to be from the start, bar a bit strange looking. I don't think Pentax actually knew what they wanted to do bar make a larger sensor mirror less camera. But rather than take Sony's direction (which I can't say I care for but it's at least slightly sane) they've simply ripped out the mirror and VF and left you with a half baked product.

Perhaps, but I guess they feel the designer is closer to what the target market wants, so why hire someone to do a job and then ignore his input. I'm assuming this costs less to produce than the K-r so if they sell at the same price then they've made more profit.

I imagine so too. Really, it is an SLR with the mirror and viewfinder removed, with some styling elements to keep you from noticing that fact. I bet it is a lot cheaper to produce.

It's not even going to appeal to mirror less fans or EVF die hards! And it will be rejected by OVF fans too.

Yep, can't understand no evf, but I would point anyone back to my previous comments that I'm not fashionable..... I do know that non slr users (especially younger ones) that have picked up my dslr keep trying to take picture by looking at the rear lcd screen (and none of mine can do live view!).

I think that this is more of an mid entry level mirrorless, and people will realize that later, and be looking for a reason to upgrade to a replacement with a viewfinder, etc I think the main issue with the lack of viewfinder is catching current Pentax customers. They might want to hold out until that is available. I doubt the "fashion" portion of the target audience cares at all about viewfinders.

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