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A Owens wrote:

barmaley111 wrote:

new 70-200 II IS is slightly better at 200@2.8, but not for the weight and price difference.

Not doubting your view Alex but ave you witnessed this for yourself?

Yes, I have tried the new zoom (I mean 70-200 2.8L IS II) myself. I borrowed the lens from my friend, and I was surprised when I made head to head comparison with my prime. Zoom was better wide open (less CA and sharper). By the f/4 aperture there was no visible difference. I may post some sample images later if you are interested. I guess that your sample of the zoom had some issues or there were focusing issue with this shot or you were using IS on a tripod. From my experience there should be no difference at f/6.3 aperture.
I prefer primes, but I was impressed with this zoom.

I have the 200L and want to move to the zoom to get added flexibility and IS. But I have tried the zoom and found it to be slightly but visibly inferior to the prime. I was disappointed as I really wanted the zoom to be as good or better to justify the price and the ridiculous weight and it has left me in a quandary - maybe keep the 200L and get the F4 zoom. But I was in the landscape and did not try it at F2.8 so maybe I should revisit the zoom at bigger apertures.

Here is a sample:

And here are the crops (same sharpening for both) - guess the prime!?:

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