Ricoh missed the obvious with their recent releases

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Chris Dennehy Contributing Member • Posts: 649
Re: you're missing the obvious ...

First of all I am not a fan of the GXR, however I think the new module at 24-85mm is the most sensible module Ricoh have released so far, it covers the field of view of almost every "Kit" lens on the market with the addition of the expansion to 24mm which allows good versatility for somebody wanting a single lens single body set up with excellent controls.

There are however two downsides the first being it's speed which follows the general run of "Kit" lenses, a little faster would make it much more useful but probably too large.

The second is the disproportionate difference between the body and the lens where one is now faced with attaching a camera to the lens instead of the lens to the camera and to me it looks as wrong as the Sony Nex does.

I know the module mount is different to the usual bayonet lens but I wonder what sort of strain it's putting on the attachment.

With regard to the Pentax K-01, I had been wondering about upgrading my Pentax K200D to the new mirrorless camera based on the theory that it was going to be significantly smaller and less weighty. Apart from being about 200g less heavy it does not appear to be significantly smaller as indicated by dpreview's size comparison.

I asume that the designer (if one could call him that) was commissioned solely for the exterior, I think it looks absolutely awful, just like a child's toy, something you would come up with as an elementary sketch before you got down to properly working it out - I don't think Ricoh could possibly have had anything to do with this camera.

It would have been far, far better if Ricoh released a K module for the GXR.

I doubt very much if many people will be rushing out to buy Pentax's new 500/600 lens at the price it's likely to be but the new 1.4x tele converter is another matter, that designed for their F (1.7x) series lenses gets high prices on e-bay and there is certainly a demand for a really good one and I expect 1.4x would be more useful than the 1.7x.

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