Please a little help for a newcomer in 4/3 (lens related)

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Re: Please a little help for a newcomer in 4/3 (lens related)

Marla2008 wrote:

Hi Guys, I'm a long time user of this site, on the DLSR side of things. I've had/tried/borrowed/shot more bodies/models that I care to admit, from various manufacturers, though mostly CaNikon.

Though the ultimate camera remains the D700 for me (so far anyway, technology marches on...), the more it goes the less I feel like lugging my camera bag with me on vacation, and I'm really really ready to compromise a few things for a more portable setup (resolution is one, I hardly ever shoot my DSLRs at full res anyway !).

I'm set my mind on the new GX-1, as soon as the prices settle down a bit and availability is not an issue anymore (both things usually happening at the same time).

My MAIN application for my camera when I'm not traveling is portrait. So I need a fast prime that will somewhat compensate the smaller sensor to allow as shallow DOF as possible.

I was thinking of the Pany 20mm/1.7. Is that good ? ANY other suggestion (including older MF lenses, if you guys think MF is actually usable on the GX-1 for moving subjects ???).
I'd really be very interested in all suggestions.
Thanks a bunch !!

The 20mm is almost an essential lens for m4/3 (at least for the bar-shaped cameras). It allows for a very compact, high quality, bright aperture package that can fit in a coat pocket. I like it for its versatile focal length, great sharpness and f/1.7. I never use the kit zoom of my E-PL1 and prefer to zoom with my feet instead. Oh, and it's very affordable.

For portraits, the 45mm f/1.8 is the best option currently. Also a very affordable, and highly regarded lens. Maybe, just those two lenses will suit you fine...

I don't have the 45mm (yet), and for now I use the old PEN F 40mm f/1.4. A lovely little lens for portraits. You might find one (or something similar) on E-bay. Mine cost around €70 + $25 for the adapter IIRC.

Because of the focal length multiplier, any old standard 50mm lens becomes a portrait prime. Some are better than others, but they can be incredibly cheap. For use with MF lenses, I do prefer the EVF (VF-2 on my E-PL1). Much better for achieving correct focus.


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