Storage solution using PDA

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Re: Storage solution using PDA

Beeeil wrote:

I didn't think this discussion could turn into a Pocket PC
discussion, but apparently there is a Pocket PC USB Mass Storage
driver available. It's not something I would recommend if you are
not a computer geek because it's pretty involved. People on
Brighthand had gotten the e740 to read external USB HDs, which
shows up as a USB Disk. See discussions here:

and here:


Alpha-level driver hacks that won't even read from a USB hard drive fast enough to be more than an experiment won't convince others of the feasibility of using PDA's for digital image file transfer storage.

The reality is that presently ONLY the iPaq 3600-3900 series PDA with an added PCMCIA sleeve is proven to work, and works exceptionally well. ANY other PDA, including the Dells and 1900 iPaq (no sleeves), Viewsonics, and probably Toshibas are a guess at best and wasted money spent on unuseable attachments at worst.

And yes, there is a CF> PCMCIA socket adaptor, but that is a hardware failure risk to the PDA and questionable for dependable performance. Experiments and image file integrity is a poor mixture.

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