K-01 Isn't for most on this forum

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Perhaps sound business from Pentax?

cgarrard wrote:

not by a long shot from what I read. It's not designed for enthusiasts, or intended for them for that matter.

Pretty clear to me that the K-01 are designed for the function follows form crowd, the same crowd that likes "pretty" cameras, or stylish cameras. The K-01 just so happens to use a good sensor and the K-mount, so if any of those customers decided to get more serious about photography later, they could step up into the Pentax DSLRS with lenses they already have.

I think the comments on this forum are coming mainly from the direction that many here assumed that the Mirrorless camera from Pentax would court them- or enthusiasts/prosumers. You know what they say about assumptions!

I think its daring for Pentax to go after the style conscious crowd, and I certainly "get it". Some cameras are designed for chaps like me, and some aren't. I don't see the issue.

Let's wait till the end of the 2012 before going ballistic about Pentax's lineup. I'm pretty sure my gut tells me more goodies are in store- perhaps for enthusiasts- we'll have to see.

Obviously alot will depend on how well in sells but both this and the Q could turn out to be sound business moves from Pentax.

Ultimately even with the Rioch buyout there not a large company by the standards of Canon/Sony/Nikon and these two systems could allow them to cash in on the current fashion for mirrorless without having to invest a ton of money in designing bodies or speicalist lens lineups.

If I was a Pentax SLR user I'd view these cameras as not as something I might buy myself but rather something that is going to potentially help fund future SLR/lens devolpments.

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