Do you rename your photos?

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LR does not change your originals

bill hansen wrote:

No - I'm saying that if you save an edited JEPG with the same name as the original, it will overwrite the original. I don't know whether Lightroom gives you a warning about that. I've read posts by people who do use Lightroom (I am not using it at this time, though I used it for a while, a few years ago) who have lost originals that way.

  1. You don't save images in Lightroom, you output them for a specific purpose

  2. One way of outputting an image is to export a JPEG

  3. If you choose the original JPEG as export target, then LR warns you (and you shouldn't do that, anyway; it is not the intended way)

Lightroom does not work in a traditional load/change/save cycle, it uses import/change/output. If you want to (or expect to) work in the first kind of cycle, then LR will only frustrate you. Which kind of cycle suits you better is very personal and also a matter of taste and work style. But LR does not change your originals in any case and will warn you if you accidentally try.

So if people have lost images that way, then they very likely have ignored a warning and/or have used LR in a way that it is not meant to be used in. That is not necessarily their fault - it is more like they were using the program in a way different from the intended way, a way that is radically different from their expectations.

I've been using LR since version 1.1 pretty much exclusively.

My other reason for renaming is that it makes it so much easier for me to find images months or years later, amidst what are now thousands of still digital image files. I'm an amateur, so maybe that's why renaming works well for me as a file management system, where it might not work as well for a professional. Image tagging, as can be done in either Lightroom, ACR, or many other file management systems, will do the same thing in a more elegant way than renaming. But for almost 12 years now, the renaming "system" has worked well for me.

Oh, I always rename as I described above and for the same reasons as you give. I am very much for renaming; I just didn't get what you where trying to say about LR.

Wait and see...

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