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Re: DropBox safety

louisk wrote:
Peter Rongsted wrote:

While PGP has not yet been broken as such there has been flaws. Thats why it has been developed over the years. Given time even PGP will be broken, so it is important to continue to migrate to better systems.

You've piqued my interest now.
What are your suggestions for better systems?

I'm not a crypto expert, I work in other areas on network security. So apart from longer keys I don't know how it can be improved. But the true crypto geeks are working on it

Early on PGP used 128 bit keys. That will be sufficient for some years to come but keys about 96 bits long is no longer considered safe against brute force attacks. Its not a big problem as systems like AES can already use 256 bit keys - you just have to remember it when you implement the security.

N.B. The key length in question here is for symmetric encryption.


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