Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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Re: It's full frame & wideangles, baby

Mauro.B wrote:

something that the latest wave of digiboxes sourly miss.

And if you really think that the process of (1) setting exposure, (2) opening aperture to max, (3) focus on a tiny tv screen based on "coloured contrast edges", (4) closing aperture as to get proper exposure and, finally, (5) pressing the shutter will make for a satisfactory, or quick enough, shooting experience - well, I believe we are on different wavelengths.

Leica is not for everyone. It's not a matter of money only. You need vision, care, patience and a lot of other time-consuming features.

It's McDonald vs Knickerbocker, if you are familiar with NY. It's meat, or sort of, at the end of the day. And you can spend on a Subaru Riceburner as much as a Carrera - second hand, probably, but still a Porsche.

If you don't get it, forget it.

Mauro, we can agree to disagree. I have only used a Leica briefly, and my guess is you have not used a Nex 5n with the EVF or a 7. I have used the 5n extensively and am waiting for the 7. I don't find the experience of the Nex's all that different when using MF lenses. Focus peaking is fast, and the experience of using MF lenses with a focusing aid is similar. This is my point: some of the other cameras are getting close not just to the Leica but the Leica experience.

And for many people not on this forum money does matter.

We may be on different wave lengths, but chacun a son gout, or more properly à chacun son goût.


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