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Re: Stats:/newbie question

I believe, depending on what you are looking for, you can try the:

  • Beginners Questions;

  • Samples and Galleries; and

  • General Photo Techniques

If memory serves me correctly, Samples is a place where it is pretty common to post an image and ask for "C & C". Comments and Criticism. Comments and Critique. (choose your own "C" word...LOL). Some advice, I would post just one (maybe two) images and ask for C&C or a specific question like, "How would you crop this?", "Does this color look off?", "Is this too saturated?" (etc.). What I was always amazed at were the people who posted their whole gallery and asked for comments. You could sometimes read a smart-as $ reply to those people. Most times, requests like that just got ignored. People's time can be valuable to them so "drink from the well when you are thristy." Also, for example, post 2 or 3 photos that are of the same subject, maybe with different crops, etc. and ask people which they like the best and why.

Hope this helps.

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