OM-D E-M5 : does it do multi-spot metering

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OM-D E-M5 : does it do multi-spot metering

So much wind in here on a camera not even announced until next wednesday!

For all this waffle abiout sensor, for it to truly be the (pro) digital OM people have been talking about for years all I want to know is: will it allow me to configure buttons to do multi spot metering with the camera at my eye?

If that's a yes, I'll probably buy two. Here's why.

Most poor noise/DR performance - especially at high ISO - is down to poor metering, which will inevitably happen if you leave it all to the camera.

But if you can meter your fast optics with absolute precision and know anything at all about exposure, anything at all about light itself (which you should as a photog, it's your actual medium, after all) you'll be fine.

Serious photographers know this, and I am sure the current 16MP Panny sensor will find it's natural weather-sealed home once again in a sector where Oly film SLRs used to dominate: travel/outdoor photography.

Consider this. National Geographic is printed smaller than A4 size and it's unquestionably THE gold standard for outdoor photography. Every cam every one of you owns right now has the resolution and performance to print an eminently publishable quality pic for Nat Geo (even noise is less visible in print but you can mostlyremove it in PP anyway).

But can you take a photo good enough to get past the editors? 'Cos if you can't, the E-M5 won't change that.

For me, the E-M5 could prove to finally be the OM4Ti experience, except sans mirror and film.

Throw in the 12/2, Panny 20/1.7 and something portrait/macro length (50mm plus) and there's myl kit for the next 10 years. I simply have no interest in zooms = too big = back to square one. Portability and ergo are ALL for the outdoor/travel photog. And has to fit in something small/discrete.

My only - ONLY - concern is the development timeline for matching w/sealed lenses. No point in waiting 18 months for w/sealed lenses for a w/sealed cam if the successor is then announced. Of course, will probably just end up using adpated lenses manually.

Olympus OM-D E-M5
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