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Re: Storage solution using PDA

I sent the following e-mail to addonics (

You may not be aware that in the digital photography market which can take large digital images on flash media, there is some interest in portable mass storage to download the flash media to.

(see and )

None of the available devices are really suitable. Recently this site became known. In fact your ex drive was used: .

With the arrival of the Dell axum a cheaper solution seems at hand with ex drive and the battery pack. The axum has both a cf and a sd slot. What would be needed from you is a adapter for your Usib to either a cf or sd

card socket. As my camera uses cf, putting the exdrive into the sd slot seems optimal (others use sd cards so vice-versa) A flat battery pack would make a nice package to fit a small digicamera case. A three foot cable between usib and sd would help in the field.
As there are already pcmcia > cf adapters this does seem do-able.
Please advise
Paul Schwartz

Additional interest might be useful.
Of course this would work with any 2 slot pda.

mjoshi wrote:

Hi All,

I recently bought Toshiba e740 PDA. It can take CF and SD media
formats. I've Sony DSC F717 which takes 128 MB MS format. Is there
a way to use my PDA with 1 GB CF to store images directly from MS
without transfering it to computer. My PDA is having USB port for
keyboard, mouse / printer connection.



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