Are we about to see the death of the DSLR as we know it?

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Re: if it's "ignorant" then please provide other examples

antoineb wrote:

I'm happy to be called ignorant even though anyone who feels the need to insult, certainly raises questions about themselves.

To make matters more interesting, please do provide other examples on top of the ones I provide, of people who might need a DSLR.

We already did that, so there is no point.

I did a long beautiful hike in the snow yesterday with a temperature around -10C (that's 14F). I had my iPhone in a coat pocket and used it all the time and got some nice shots at least as long as the light was sufficient. I had my D7k in my backpack and couldn't be bothered to take it out, sorry. Next time I'll just leave the D7k at home.

It is true that photographing below freezing is difficult, so it is understandable that you could not be bothered, as you clearly have no dedication to craft, which would be required to photograph at that temperature. You would have to remember to do something "really hard" like keep a battery in an inside pocket. I can't imagine how much that would have "burdened" you.

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