Does My 70-200 MKII Need Adjusting?

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Re: There's a moral in this story..

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

The defect is visible at huge magnification. That's not a major fault. It's minimal. If the print coudn't be read, it would be a different matter entirely.

Can you see this "defect" in a print??

That's my criterion.

Well, true it shouldn´t be visible in A4 prints... I wouldn´t be so sure in bigger format (A3+), though. Anyway, if that is your top criterion, go with it, for sure - I respect that.

Still, I strongly disagree with you. If I buy Porsche, I expect it to live up to its qualities on the limit, too... If say there is incorrect (just slight) wheel geometry or slightly weak, strange engine behaviour at 6500rpm (compared to another "copy" ;-), it is simply ridiculous to accept that in a brand-new highend car..... even though I would usually drive it just in a city and rarely at 6500rpm and never on the limit. I simply paid the premium money so I have the right to expect to have the qualities there, even those qualities which I - as an amateur driver - will actually rarely make use of (and so rarely "see" them). You are saying you would live with that because it wouldn´t be noticeable in your driving style... I think such attitude is incorrect and false.

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