Ideal room conditions for my Mac are?

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Re: Ideal room conditions for my Mac are?

If you calibrate your display to D65 then I'd use lighting at that temperature. If you calibrate to D50 then use that color temperature bulbs.

I see a lot of options in both halogen and florescent bulbs. I personally use a 40w CFL rated at 6500k and three halogen lamps that use M16 base lamps @ 6500k temps which have dimmers. I use the cfl behind the displays reflecting off of the grey wall but not visible directly from in front of the display. It is filtered through a translucent grey lamp shade as I find it more comfortable to spend time at the display with some subtle surround lighting.

I have three M16 base variations of lamps. One is attached to my desk and is on a longish cantilevered arm. The other two are on flexible gooseneck stands that I can position and dim at will.

The bulbs I use are rather inexpensive but I think the color accuracy is only fair and change as the bulbs age. They are good enough for my needs though. I like to buy the M16's in bulk and I swap them out every few months. I have a few large ponds and fountains here that are lit with M16 bulbs and I just recycle the old bulbs for use in the there when they are a couple months old.

If you are doing critical work you might also plan for a lightbox.

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