Please help. Does sensor size matter in exposure.

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Re: Please help. Does sensor size matter in exposure.

Thank you a lot Bob. It's just a vocabulary misuse of the word "exposure" due to my french background, but that definition of exposure is definitely the one I know, and it's the reason to my thread here. Nonetheless I have just learnt from you and some others here that manufacturers can tweak the result and thus the histogram, so there's a "native" or "original" brightness for each exposure at a given ISO level, but manufacturers can tweak them, which explains the diffrent brightness results obtained for the same exposure. What remains unchanged is the level of noise related to the exposure at a given sensor size and ISO level. This explains to me partly, why at a certain level of technology advancement, sensor size dictates SNR, no matter the sensor resolutio, Definition permits a more sophisticated treatment to remove noise and keep detail.
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