Some Canon people like Ricoh! :)

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Re: Where's my scarf?

Many thanks Najinsky for the info. I suppose thinking about it I have seen reviews of their built-in sensor module lenses. The cameras seem to be well liked and are well worth thinking about.


Najinsky wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

No joking but until I started looking at DPR recently I did not realise Ricoh still made cameras. The last time I remember seeing one in a shop was pre-digital.

In general retail, they are almost absent everywhere except Asia, and Asia is their primary market. The higher end camera stores usually have a Ricoh presence and so Ricoh fans tend to gravitate to those.

Ricoh exited from mass retail in Europe and US a few years ago, presumably because they don't compete on consumer friendly headline features. However, many of the distribution channels (suppliers to retailers) remain intact so it would not be hard to get back to retail if they produced a consumer friendly camera that generated some heat.


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