Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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It's full frame & wideangles, baby

something that the latest wave of digiboxes sourly miss.

And if you really think that the process of (1) setting exposure, (2) opening aperture to max, (3) focus on a tiny tv screen based on "coloured contrast edges", (4) closing aperture as to get proper exposure and, finally, (5) pressing the shutter will make for a satisfactory, or quick enough, shooting experience - well, I believe we are on different wavelengths.

Leica is not for everyone. It's not a matter of money only. You need vision, care, patience and a lot of other time-consuming features.

It's McDonald vs Knickerbocker, if you are familiar with NY. It's meat, or sort of, at the end of the day. And you can spend on a Subaru Riceburner as much as a Carrera - second hand, probably, but still a Porsche.

If you don't get it, forget it.

It's not just money. Rf photography is an alien experience compared to clicking away a 5n (which, by the way, is shamefully slow in autofocusing).

Slow vs fast. Shooting technique vs relying on iso. Getting close close close to subjects vs sniping. "3D" vs "flat". Getting into action is tenths of a second vs fiddling to adapt mf to af platforms. Clear "glass view" of subject and its surroundings vs lcds periscopes blocking shadows and hiding espressions.

If you choose Leica, it's mainly because you need to shoot matter that only looks good up close. Reportage. Documentary. Hard life. No dogs, or flowers, or beggars from a distance in my book. Well, some dogs I shot too, but with V1 and right on their nose. M9 can do landscapes pretty well, but a dslr is more flexible at that.

Of course a lot of money is involved in the Leica game. An irrational amount of money for what an M9 means as an "industrial" item.

But you all seem prepared to pay irrational amounts of money to scoop Leica lenses on ebay (or ebait, as far as Leica lenses are concerned). Since, if you are not even justifying Leica lenses - well, I am wasting my time with this reply.

At the end of the day, choosing on system based on a more favourably perceived price / performance gradient is your personal choice.

Trying to rationalize your personal choices as an "algorithm" to be applied wholesale to anyone is simplistic. Allocating money is part of respective personal psychology. And freedom of choice is the nice part of life. I know rich people listening music on ipods only, and poorer people working their life to buy YBA systems.

To you the Leica is "not worth the extra thousand", to me nex 5n, nex 7 and the like are "not worth their price". How different people can be.

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Michael Everett wrote:

Seems we have three cameras now that challenge the M's in various ways: The X Pro 1, the Nex 7 and the Nex 5n. To me the question is what can the M9 do that these others can't, or rather what can the M9 do that makes it worth 4-10 times more? The Nex's take Leica lenses, although the 7 apparently has problems with WA RF lenses. IQ is at least comparable. All have manual focusing methods that I submit are as good as the Leica rangefinder, especially when so many Leica's have to go back to Solms for readjustment. I have several Zeiss lenses, in addition to others, and am waiting for the Nex 7 to arrive. I have used a 5 and 5n, and after those experiences I have to ask, why do I need a Leica, beyond the feel and admiration for its quality construction? To me at least that is not worth the extra thousands.

The Nex 7 and the Fuji X Pro 1 are clearly nipping at the heals of the Leica's, and the next camera war will be between the Sony and the Fuji.

Ooops, forgot, there is also the GXR. The M's are being surrounded on all fronts.


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