I am astounded that m43 still rules the roost

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I am astounded that m43 still rules the roost

I am astounded that m43 still rules the roost.

I really thought, last spring, that it was just a matter of time before m43 was overtaken. I sat on my EP1, bought an EP3 and returned it, and settled on an EPM1, because it was inexpensive and did enough. But I thought for sure something would come out that would really rock m43. At least FF mirrorless, if not outstanding APS-C mirrorless. But look what's come along:

Sony is the closest in some ways. Outstanding sensor performance, but a quirky UI, and a desire to release more bodies than lenses. Of course, there are rumors of new lenses, but perhaps they did choose a bad mount design, as it seems they can only produce weak (16mm) or large and expensive (24mm) lenses. This year will prove it, I think.

Fuji's X100 is a wonderful camera, but limited to those who live at 35mm. The XPro1 looks gorgeous so far, but costs a small mint and has those AF and other quality issues from the X100 to prove out. Still, the leader in mirrorless Niche camera design (Ricoh maybe in second)

Ricoh -- interesting with the GXR, but it's not exactly economical, and with some reports I've already read on failing lensors, it makes you think twice. Also, it strikes me that storage of lenses only (all tubes) is easier than storage and porting of a tube + square combination (the lensors), but I have no first hand personal experience. I do love my GRDiii, though. How about if Ricoh released a module with a Foveon sensor. Then you'd have Ricoh handling and Foveon colors. That would be interesting.

Sigma -- DP series. OK, these are pretty old cameras, but maybe Sigma will release something new soon?? But if it's got Sigma style camera operations, then forget it. Next!

Nikon -- er, what's that now? OK, if I need high speed action shots from a toy camera on a tiny sensor, I know EXACTLY where to go.

Pentax -- Oh, Pentax. How I fondly remember my ME Super. I am rooting so hard for you, but you give us the Q and now the K01. I can only root so hard before I just lose my voice and go home.

Canon -- The G1X is an interesting start. Ironic you are using an M43 sensor, Canon! (essentially, anyway). Kind of proves the point all along, eh? (by the way, could Oly buy a few thousand of those sensors from you?) These guys are still a bit of a dark horse. They are the only ones I know of who still have a rumor out there of a "new" mirrorless system (oh, excepting Leica).

Leica -- well, I'm just assuming it won't be aimed for mass market, regardless of what it is. I will likely want one, though, but never buy one.

So, that leaves Panny and Oly. Still struggling a little with the sensor, but the lenses! Many already, and they just keep rolling out. That 75/1.8 rumor? -- Brilliant! I like my 45 macro, but a nice 1-2 punch from Oly: 45/1.8 portrait + 60/2.8 macro? Very nice. Then the (relatively) fast Panny zooms (constant f/2.8).

I STILL would like an upgraded sensor. We'll see what Oly can do with the newest Panny sensor, but I am just astounded that none of the other 8 contenders could or would rise to the challenge. Whether because m43 is indeed the best design, or just that no one else wants to challenge them, m43 does indeed sit in that "sweet spot" we've talked about now for a while, and there doesn't look to be anything immediate to challenge it directly, though it's good to have all these choices.

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