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christian jacob wrote:

DK Baker wrote:

Without a doubt there are sites all over the world hosted in the native language of virtually every country in the world. If a member isn't fluent in English, they should find a site that is in their language.

For me, the appeal of dpreview challenges lies in the international character, to have entries committed and judged by people from all over the world.

Also, the quality and quantity of knowledge of the participiants in the technical fora here is really great, I believe there is less so in a pakistani forum (and there is at least on great photographer who enters challenges from pakistan here).

On the other hand, I don't see what writing tons of mostly unneccessary messages should have to do with being allowed to enter challenges; I interpret that more as a subconcious wish to limit the participiants to a smaller circle and to impede strangers to enter that circle (a behaviour inborn to us since the time we were apes in the savanna, but one should strife to counter that).

I won't pretend to understand everyone's motives for requiring a post count in order to enter challenges but I can offer up my own reasons (if I were a host) to do it. I won't retype them--they are listed above. It's to help stop one method of cheating. If I were a host, my satisfaction would be in watching a challenge fill up before the deadline and seeing some good/great photos and the smallest amount of cheating toward the goal of winning. I have NO alternate agenda to limit it to a close circle of "friends". I would welcome entries from the entire world. As I have stated before (in varioius places), I've been to 25 countries and besides the sights, interacting with the different inhabitants was part of the interest. (for example--something near to you--learning that northerners in (W) Germany made fun of their southerners, Bavarians, much as northerners look down on southerners in the US ;)).

An analagy (that may or may not fit well). Countries/states require people to be a certain age before they are allowed to drive a vehicle. I think it is obvious that some people should never be allowed on a public highway while others have the maturity and skill to drive a car before they reach that minimum age. Yet, the rule exists--you must be a certain age before you can drive. I don't see much difference in requiring, say, 25 posts in a forum before you can drive, errrr, I mean enter challenges ;).

I would also add, as I said above, since all the challenge rules and descriptions are written in English, it would seem to be a bad argument to say something like, "all people don't speak english and that's why they might not be participating in the forums" and yet, they must have a pretty good grasp of English in order to understand and enter challenges correctly.

In the end analysis, there are plenty of challenges to enter. If some turn out to require a post count before you can enter, then each person (even those shy English-speaking people ;)) needs to decide how important it is to be able to enter all challenges or not and participate or not. In my opinion, the more serious a person is about their photography, the better it is to exchange ideas in forums anyway.

And, to close out, there is a small popularity of "chat" challenges where people are required to comment on every other entry in the challenge. Should you complain about that, too?

Furthermore, intercultural differences in the willingness to show ones possible ineptitude not only in photos, but also messages about them may in some cultures not be as great as in western society, as may the willingness to admit that ones own aesthetic judgement may not be absolute and everything diverting from it a possible sign of cheating.

(Are English-speaking photographers inherently superior photographers? I don't think so.)

I'm pretty sure that teaching members to communicate in English is outside of the scope of DPR's site goals.

I propose a zero tolerance rule for that over-used and abused excuse.

So, indirectly, only people halfway fluent in english should be allowed to participate in challenges?
Do you propose a test?

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