Why Pentax is not selling well ... (long)

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Anirut J
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Why Pentax is not selling well ... (long)

(Please finishing reading before commenting. Thanks.)

I think I'm begining to understand why Pentax is not selling well.

Simple: IT'S CUSTOMERS DON'T CARE TO SUPPORT THE BRAND! And they don't even care to understand the products.

Just look at the release of the K-01. We see a lot of "it's ugly", "no EVF", blah ... comments.

How many of us here are real designers, earning your living from selling designs? I am one.

I personally find the K-01 "cute", not beautiful, not ugly. It's "fresh" and "challenging" with a retro touch. A difference from space-age camera designs, as in NEX, or the total retro-like style the like of Fuji.

Now, the marketing side (my personal analysis, looking at the design alone):

The K-01 IS NOT aimed at seasoned photographers, so stop whining about no EVF. It's aimed at those who have lots money to spend, wanting a small product that "stands out". Something they can brag at parties. And yet, whenever they want to "expand", they can grab whatever existing K-mount lenses available and stick it in there. A very strong point of the product.

As for pic quality, the inside is presumably the K-5 (from what I've heard from discussions) which is well-acclaimed as a very good product. A lot of people out there may want to use the K-5, but they're "learning-challenged", so a camera that's more or less a P&S that gives K-5 quality would certainly be appealing.

The target group are those who'd put the camera in 'P' and click. A very large number of people in this group DO NOT know how to use the EVF, even if you provide them with one. Or, even if they know how to use the EVF, they'd rather see a "big picture" than squint through a hole.

The other modes are there "for coolness sake". They may try to use them, but, in the end, they'll be back in 'P'. (I too use P often on my K-r, esp at "non-significant" events.)

Also, think about some elderly people with eye problems. My dad was an avid photographer and he has stopped taking pictures due to having to look through a small hole. With the rise of digitals and LCDs, he's enjoying photography once again.

Now, just think of how the K-01 can appeal to these loads-of-cash senior citizens.

So, if we, as Pentax customers, keep saying negative things without ever being rational about the products released, without trying to understd them, how can would be customers trust the brand?

If Pentax is not selling well, blame it on yourselves, whiners.

I think that us, as customers who want to see the Pentax brand afloat and sailing, should try more to understand the products. We can together help keep Pentax going, and supplying us -- the brand's loyal customers -- with better and innovative stuff, if we try to understand the products and their market segments, and comment appropriately.

There are people out there who may be the target for the K-01. Steer them. At least help sell indirectly. Not that we're going to get any money ...

But at least we can help cut off those "Is Pentax going down?" whines in the forums.

Have a nice day.
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