Detachable grip could be KEY to a Pro PEN body

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Re: what the !

Rriley wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Art_P wrote:

already has interchangable grips. it's not that much of a stretch to invision a battery grip that also adds a finger grip... much in the style of the OM winders.

One more step into digital-OM territory! Bring it on!

(I only hope that when the launch the OM-D series, they will find other theme music than songs by Orchestral Maneuvres in the Dark. "Enola Gay" would not be the optimal theme song. "You should've stayed at home yesterday..."?

err, you do know what happened with Enola Gay dont you Roel

Yes I do.
That is partly why I mentioned it.

I may not know that much about the Japanese, but Im pretty certain that isnt something they want to think about anytime soon


that aside, this is for you

I'll take a look.

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