NR Says 36MP D800 Definite on Feb. 7th

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Fullframer wrote:

Domdog31 wrote:

less than 1% of my images get printed larger than 16x20 - what benefit will one see with a 36MP camera over the cons (better lenses, larger files, more cpu power needed etc...)

Yes, depends on your needs. For some 36MP is welcomed, for me, I agree, I'm ok with 12mp so far, since I don't print big, not bigger than 11x14 usually.

There are five benefits of 36 MP over 12 MP:

1) Extended effective reach with the same focal length,

With a 36 MP D800 it´s possible to use a 70-200/2,8 VR II at 200 mm f2.8 and obtain the more than same pixel area as a 12 MP D3s with the same lens using a TC-14 E II at f4 and a one stop higher ISO setting.

2) Much more room for cropping using normal focal lengths

Use any prime or normal zoom and be able to crop much more than with a 12 MP FX DSLR.

3) Better resolution

A 36 MP D800 will resolve more fine detail over a 12 MP FX DSLR in any scene.

4) Improved image quality in final images/prints of any size

At any given size the 36 MP D800 will show better image quality over the D3/D700.

5) Ability to print larger without interpolation

With 36 MP the native print size is much larger and the need for interpolation is decreased.

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