G1-X thought process (long)

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Rehabdoc wrote:

PerL wrote:

Sorry if I came off that way. I am at times cranky and argumentative. I just thought I was right and I'm sorry if I've been aggressive or uncivil in any way. I'm actually still shopping for a system.

No problem at all. I am also still looking...

For the moment I am leaning towards the V1 system because the responsiveness - and it has viewfinder, which is must for me. And of course it is an advantage to stay in the same system as my DSLR with the FT-1 lens adapter. Its a little expensive though, and I agree that a small fast prime would be most welcome.

On the m43 side I kind of prefer Oly over Panasonic because I like the colors better (subjective, I know) but they don't have any model with a viewfinder yet. What I find attractive with the m43 is the primes, especially the 45 1.8.

Sony NEX - great image quality (my brother has a NEX-5), but after a while the unbalanced largish kit lens starts to be irritating, at least to me. The NEX 7 is expensive and with the big lenses it makes mostly sense as a main system instead of a DSLR, but it can't compete there in my view.

Canon G1X - probably great product with good IQ and colors. A possible con is that it is no more responsive than a high end P&S in AF and shooting speed.

Samsung - I have tried the NX10 and NX100. Very subjective but no "camera feel", left me cold.
Choices, choices...

If you cant put the camera in your pocket I dont think the G3, with its larger body, is smaller in any meaningful way to a V1. But some people have bigger pockets than others so take that as a personal opinion.

I think that's correct. My "key portability" size is actually "how much bulk & weight does it add to my wife's purse?" She carries the camera to any social event.

The J1 body is as small as the smallest m43s but, with the smart X zoom lens, the m43 small viewfinder less models makes a thinner package, that is true.

Also true. And eventually, one hopes the Nikon 1 lenses get smaller. It's win-win for everybody.

In other aspect than size I think these systems are so different that they are not directly comparable. If you prefer one over the other for the special strong points I dont think the small differences in size will the deciding factor.

I'm leaning towards the Panny GX1X or the Canon G1X... but then I go in a circle to the G3 with X... then drool about the NEX 7 or 5N and tell myself maybe I don't need to be THAT portable... and hope for a smaller prime to come out as my walkaround lens... then "let's rethink it all & maybe the V1 would work well for me?" with the fast focus abilities, maybe its really all I need... then in my deepest despair, I find myself going "what if the Samsung NX20 (with the 30mm prime attached) actually turns out to be a good camera, and not just a focus-hunting, sluggish piece of crap with too many features like I suspect it will be?"

I have money to spend. I want to get back into photography after not owning an SLR since the film era... I have really decided that I want something smaller than any APS-C DSLR.... how much smaller I can go... it all comes with trade-offs it seems.

sigh .

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