Going to the Galapagos! Any tips?

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Re: Going to the Galapagos! Any tips?

Shots: picture wise the landscape its the subject, animals are the flowers in it, rather than go bokeh all the way, give it more presence with f5.6 or higher, unless you are shooting faces. In Galapagos its the contrast between caos, destruction and various milenia of change against the beauty of the living and the hint of prehistoric ancestry on them that makes this a great place so portrait as a whole and expose as as whole.

The animals won run, but theyll move if you dont aproach slowly with predictable movements, none of them are dangerous at 5 feet, Lizards dont bite, they are too worried looking for leafs and their 4 feet tails are not wips so dont believe rumors, Birds will always be thinking of their hidden eggs so shot, move closer, shot and then the bird is gone.

Remember that animals go from curious> tense> flee, and they see groups of tourists every day so they know whats happening, tourist in groups are too loud, so approach before anyone and stay a little far from the pack, theyll get boring the shot were the animal is showing them its back while you get that curious innocent look that even the harsh face of a lizard can show.

You are the most important equipment of your photo trip, so always drink water use lots of Hawaiian tropic and wear timberlands, not sandals or sneakers, you need grip and something that wont break apart, bring band aids, a plastic bag for electronics and always be ready to dive. At night use mosquito shades on your bed. Party like its the end of world but wake up early or youll miss the day.

Tours, if you can avoid big (12 person) group tours and afford it get a personal guy for the whole trip, the people are very very friendly, everyone know every one so youll be safe outside if you ask for someone known, this will allow you to have your own agenda and enjoy places in more romantic way, you must ask how many people will be on the tour, 6 max is great and ask for couples, you dont want a ruined trip due to someone´s kid with a splinter on the knee, if that happens its better if its your kid.

This is the kind of tour agenda you should be asking for: http://www.redmangrove.com/tours/programa5.html#rates

But at $1600 for 5 days per person w/o air tickets, believe me you can lower that by a lot by buying a tour when you arrive, since most of this rates are giving comission to some 3rd party and they know that once you pay you wont look for other prices there. Most people will try to sell the tour by email, dont buy, it get there and negotiate and compare. As an ecuadorian I can get that same tour for myself for $600, just by knowing were to ask and whom to go with, so keep in mind the see you as cash and they want you spend within their offerings. There are lots of foreign tourist there already so ask them and friend them, that can even lead to a group at most it´ll take you morning to research. The best experience is outside with real people, no in expensive location or yatchs.

Hotels: Avoid them, you´ll enjoy a more authentic experience, look for lodges or hostels, you´ll get the most sincere people there since most are owned by couples and get the cheapest info about everything. Check Hostelworld.com

Cruise tours: this means pay a lot, walk on big groups have a limited walkthrough.

I hope you enjoy your trip and if you need further info PM me to check rates for you.

If the nex 7 arrives, well, life couldnt be any better ;).
Here to help, always.

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