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Re: Jenella ! you give up low light capability and shallow DOF....

jenella wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

jenella wrote:

still..no thanks even if it takes acceptable photos. Little cameras have their controls so far embedded in the camera menu I can never find them or run out of patience . I think if you just use it as a point and shoot and let the camera choose the settings then it would suffice. THat being said any $200 p&S would do. I cant imagine giving up so much control that is so easy to get to on my D700 or d3 despite the size. By the time you get the lenses, flash you spend over $1,000 with mediocre results.

Jenella ! you give up low light capability and shallow DOF....
In good or pretty good light the V1 is an exellent camera !
here is a picture I made that the D700 couldnt get !Period !



Do you have better photos.ive seen this 100 times and it does nothing for me. Lets see some photos with people in them not super cropped images.

I posted a few links to pictures on pbase...... in the upper post.... !
They show pretty well what the v1 can do...

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