Some ISO 6400 MFNR photos from Disney with A55

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Re: Some ISO 6400 MFNR photos from Disney with A55

MrWoody wrote:

Hey Rinkos, have you ever shot with the A55? I'm deciding between the A35, A55 and the A580. I have an H5 and I depend always on using the histogram. I'm wondering how hard it would be to adapt to the A580 OVF w/o histogram.

no i dont have the A55 nor have i shot with it ..but have done a lot of research b4 and after buying the A580 for myself and there are a lot of very good reviews and test shots on a55 and A580 ..

i can tell u this ...i got the A580 only because i was afraid back then the A55 would be too delicate retrospect i would have gotten the A55 .

dont get me wrong u cant go wrong on either A55 or A580 ..i wouldnt get the A35 though its just a fixed screen variation .

another issue is that sony is rumored to come out with the next gen budget SLT's ...i think that would be better .

the A580 A55 issue compared to the 5N ( all have the same sensor)
is some problem in the jpeg engine and WB in high iso ( mainly 3200 and above )
its solvable easy via some edit just saying thats there.

as for histogram ...well aside from that issue i honestly say i use P and A modes quite a lot and never rllly needed the histogram ..this is because when i want to see how my shot is gonna come out i use the FLV mode and know exactly what am i going to get ...also the dynamic range on those cams is pretty awsome so if u shoot raw u can solve most of the blown highlight issues...even with jpeg.

bottom line..i would wait for current buying the A580 .

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