Puzzling memberships, input request

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Puzzling memberships, input request

Something has been bothering me for awhile, and it seems suspicious to me but I may be missing something. I thought I'd get your input. There are two types of members here that I can't figure out.

1. A person has been a member here for many years, say 5 years. In all that time they have zero comments, zero posts, zero gallery images... etc. In other words have not participated in the forums at all that I can tell. And then all of a sudden they enter a challenge or two. I can't help wondering if some people maybe gave themselves several memberships all at once, so that if they ever needed more for cheating purposes they could use them. I've heard of at least one person who apparently has likely done just that. Why else would someone be a member here for five years without a peep, then suddenly start entering challenges? Or hosting!

2. A brand new person becomes a member right about the time a challenge or two starts accepting submissions, and enters them. Again, zero comments, zero participation of any kind except for one maybe two challenges at the most. Okay, new people have to start somewhere. But what about when the stats say they voted once? One vote, only one.

One of the problems I think is that DPR has no 'welcome' forum. Most all forums I've been member of have had a welcome thread, or place where new members are encouraged to come and introduce themselves. Here it's easy to stay silent and then pop out of the black hole and no one has ever heard of you before. With all the cheating that goes on here, it's understandable to be suspicious.

When I started out hosting, I wanted to try and keep rules simple and few, to make things easier on everyone. Now that I've had some experience, I am seriously considering a 'forum participation' rule on all my challenges. Nothing extreme, but a minimum participation in comments, voting. Seems to me that would make it harder for those who are using multiple accounts. It would require a certain amount of pretending to be someone else and joining in discussions. Honestly, I don't like it when I click on a member who entered my challenge and go to their profile and all I see everywhere is zero, zero, zero. I understand some people are shy, some like to be lurkers, but I think I personally need some sign that these people are real. Plus I think it's only fair if you want to enter challenges that you participate at least a little, in other aspects of the forum.

Maybe I'm being unfairly suspicious and missing something?


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