Why consider any of the 1D's over the 5D Mk II

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Re: Why consider any of the 1D's over the 5D Mk II

You shouldn't consider any of the 1D's over your 5D Mk II. The fact that you seem to be unaware of how the features of a 1D series body are going to be of use to you suggests to me that you do not need any of the features that such a camera brings. The majority of photographers who need a 1D series camera understand exactly what it offers them that a 5D Mark II does not.

For example, over the years I've used 1 series cameras in -45 C in the Canadian high Arctic to +52 C in the Rajasthani deserts without problems. I've used and broken two Mk IIs on assignments. The 1 series build quality, which brings a weight penalty that seems to so surprise you, also brings peace of mind when your gear absolutely has to deliver. Any working photographer appreciates the value of this.

I would also consider to have received a "value for money" return on all of my 1 series cameras. While the initial outlay of several thousand per body is steep, it is soon forgotten about when the camera performs week in, week out, year after year.

If you find the additional cost of such features as mentioned above to be disagreeable, your money may well be more wisely invested.


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