Basketball games... white balance..( High School )

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Hi TOF guy

I think I mentioned somewhere above, I don't dispute the comments regarding slowing down the shutter speed and the impact on light quality.

However, in a real world situation (ie: wanting to freeze the action to the point of being able to see things like sponsors logos, facial expressions, a 'frozen' ball and not use flash - onboard not gantry mounted which is not always possible or permissable) the only real option in the majority of cases is to use a fast shutter speed - unless of course you want to reduce your hit rate significantly, and end up with a panned shot style with blurred background. Try that techniques with a 1 guard running straight at you. Also, I just can't imagine the scenario of taking an easy shot like a dunk with a 'slow' - in basketball terms - shutter speed. You'd never freeze enough of the action to capture the aggression of the moment.

The point I was trying to make, and maybe doing a poor job of it, was that in this situation you need to recognize the niceties of physics and simply get on with getting the shot in the best possible manner. I don't want to have to explain to the media director while handing over the shots at the end of the game that I missed the play of the night because I was worried about a small color shift that might or might not have been present and caused by arena lighting quality/physics. An easy way to get your press credentials revoked IMHO (and yes I have seen them pulled for 'difficult' practitioners).

Of course, YMMV.


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