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Re: An excellent read.........

snake_b wrote:

I didn't. I'm protesting the fact that you have a problem with people who take the time and put an effort into learning english, so they're damned if they don't, damned if they do.

I have no problem with that, in fact I wish I could speak more languages.

I'm say it because you don't seem to comprehend what am saying correctly, then attack me over it.

I acknowledge that some people may not know the meaning of the term 'fit for purpose', although I didn't think it was a uniquely Australian term, so here is what i think it means:

Fit for purpose is when an item will adequately do the job, so when i say that I print 6x4 prints, then i believe that jpg is more than adequate to do the job, others may dissagree, that is for them to decide. If I wanted to print huge prints where as much quality as possible is needed then jpg may not be fit for purpose and RAW would give an advantage. Fit for purpose is not one specification, it is what each one of us believes is best for the job that we are doing.

And I didn't twist what you said. You're the one who developed a theory that RAW usage is for elitists and arrogant people, despite the fact that you won't take no for an answer.

You've twisted this again, I didn't say RAW was for elitists and arogant people, I said that those who push RAW at all of us are behaving in an elitist and arogant way.

This is completely different, and why I suspect you do not understand the subtleties of the english language.

brianj wrote:

Then if you can see the difference, don't deliberately twist what I say, then I won't say you can't understand english.


snake_b wrote:

What's up with the insults about english? Before, you asked if english was my first language, now you're insulting people based on that assumption? I don't get it. So you don't want people to learn english? It seems to be negative reinforcement, based on the articles I see about integration coming out of your country. Don't learn english: get cr@p for it. Learn english, get cr@pped on for it.

You've told people there's no reason to use RAW (I see that subtle trolling twist you made in the wording) and you've repeatedly taken it to the other forums to say that RAW usage is a matter of arrogance and elitism.

brianj wrote:
Twisting other peoples words again, heh.

I never said jpg was better than RAW, I said it was fit for purpose.

Still having trouble comprehending the english language?


snake_b wrote:

I don't know, maybe it balances out the many conspiracy posts exported to the rest of the forum about how Samsung is ignored by DPR and the photo community at large, as well as how Samsung jpeg OOC is way better than the arrogant, elitist RAW people.

Greynerd wrote:

It is bad enough having this on the Nikon compact forum. Revup up is a D700 user yet he dumps his rant on the general Nikon forum.

Why have you imported it into the Samsung forum. This sort of stuff should be in the general discussion forum.

Veducci wrote:

............with little we didn't already know but it works as a good reminder of what we got ourselves into (digital photgraphy) and why these camera companies constantly and incrementally change the game and hopscotch to keep their sales going.

When I decide to replace my EX1 I will be taking a long hard look at just how good the next one really is. I'm NOT going to accept an incremental improvement that would require side by side displays at full pixel level while having to live with major issues like orbs , lack of an AEL button, or even 20MB raws. These camera makers have had more than enough time to get it right.

OF course , I'm only hitting on one subject in the article , and there is much more to be gleaned from it's entirety.

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