A few snowy landscapes

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Re: A few snowy landscapes

Funny about the engineering bit - I come from that background too.

Your images were a bit of an inspiration to me. I've only had my k-5 for a week or so, and haven't shot SLR for a long time. But just before I put the camera and myself to bed, I figured I'd see what the neighborhood looked like after our first real snowfall of the season. Shot from my living room, using manual mode but with only an exhausted brain to think of when picking the exposure conditions. No post processing. Not sure I'll ever do anything with these images, but I appreciate the inspiration. (I do like the tree with all the dead leaves contrasting with the clear signs of winter though)

tcom wrote:

MSL wrote:

There really is something striking about the first image. I'm not sure too many folks would think about recasting a snowy image into black and white.

Thank you. The conditions when shooting the first image where pretty strange, it was snowing and somehow, the sun was a little bit pushing through the clouds and mist. I had a bit of a color cast I could not completely get rid off properly, so I converted the photo to B&W

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