G3 program mode - always large aperture?

Started Jan 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
EddyKilowatt Forum Member • Posts: 70
My 20mm too

I just got the 20mm for my G3 and quickly noticed the same thing, or rather, I first noticed the four-digit shutter speeds it was using, and then that it seems to try to stay within 1 stop of wide open.

I didn't notice the kit zoom trying to stay wide open, at least not so much, so I don't necessarily think it's a G3 body thing. I guess this is programmed into the lens microprocessor?

The Panny web page for the 20mm lens lists "F1.7 brightness allowing a beautiful soft focus for photos to be even more impressive" as its top feature... so I guess this is somebody's idea of desired behavior for this lens. Whatever... however they did it, somebody was going to wind up spinning the thumbwheel or the mode dial.

No biggie to me, that's what A mode is there for... I just dial it down to f4 when needed, which if memory serves is where the corner sharpness catches up with the center sharpness for this lens.

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