Interested in buying a 120-300mm f2.8 Sigma + converter

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Re: Interested in buying a 120-300mm f2.8 Sigma + converter

I have been using the non-OS version of this lens for a while now.

Some things to note, from my usage:

  • Generally happy with the performance, even wide open, although it really comes into its own when stopped down to f3.5 or f4. Without teleconverters, it is sharp, and provide pleasing out of focus areas and bokeh.

  • it is heavy. Regardless of what you think you know about handholding with the 150-500, this lens is much heavier. I have a 150-500mm also, which my wife uses now, but the 120-300mm is around 700-800 grams heavier. That extra weight makes a difference when hand-holding. I'm not saying it's not possible, but just be aware that it is quite a chunk of lens to be lugging about.

  • Performance with the 1.4TC is pretty good. Sharp at f4 but much sharper stopped down to f5 or f5.6. Autofocus speed is comparable to without the TC...certainly not too shabby.

  • Performance with the 2.0TC is less good. You will definitely need to stop the lens down to get acceptable results, and the autofocus, while still operational is not as reliable as with the 1.4TC or without a TC at all.

  • The lens cap is annoying - I replaced it with one of the centerpinch kind which is much better.

  • The hood is not particularly long, but then again, I rarely if ever shot into the sun with this lens and never noticed bad flare/ghosting from it when I did anyway.

My copy with TC's, pinch cap (and original), arca-swiss compatible tripod plate, and original case is now up for sale, as I have taken the plunge and upgraded to the Nikon 200-400 f4.

Have sent you an email off-list, in case you are interested.



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