Wildlife lenses (canon/nikon)

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Wildlife lenses (canon/nikon)

Sorry for posting this in the wrong section..., dunno how to delete the old topic

Hi, i have been looking at these forums for months now ( and initially based my purchases on info found here).

I cannot seem to make up my mind about going either canon or nikon.

On my safari trip i had a nikon d7000 and sigma 50-500 OS , which was a great combo(for a beginner like me), i have great pictures, and the lens slowness wasn't as annoying as anticipated . , but the lens got quite some dust inside the glass (which i found out is not unusual), but for me it was 2 much after 2 weeks of using and being really careful, so i sold it, then i also sold the d7000 with profit because the prices went up by 40% in our county.

I then bought a canon 7d with a 70-200 2.8 is II and a 1.4 III converter, the lens was great, the camera had somewhat better ergonomics , but the buttons felt cheap compared to the nikon and the shutter noise was just akward, that with it being older( only taking cf cards while i had heaps of sd) made me return it.( i also missed some scene selections nikon had)

Im gonna pick up a 300f4 IS(canon) soon for a good price

The question i have now is what will suit me best when i will be looking at a bit better lenses for wildlife shooting mostly ( safari) , nikon vs canon,

The weird thing is that i read that nikon glass is more expensive , yet a 300 f2.8 vrII costs 4700 euros here and a 300 f2,8 isII is 6200 euros

Nikon has the 200-400 and canon will be coming with one sooner or later

All those lenses would be at the limit of my budget, but i would not mind saving up for them.
Being completely clueless i bought i ask around here for advice.

Should i go for nikon or canon for wildlife?
then 300f2.8 with 1.4 teleconverter or 200-400?
i cannot justify the price of the canon 2.8
70-200 2.8 with 1.4 converter?

Or what other suggestions do you have for wildlife?

Both canon and nikon are expected to announce some new cameras soon, so it's mainly about the lenses for me now.

i know it is a pretty general question but your input is greatly appreciated !

Canon EOS 7D Nikon D7000
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