Basketball games... white balance..( High School )

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Another point of view

If you are shooting where flash is not permitted I think you are better off setting the WB to a temp you know is right or very close to it, especially if you have to hand over the shots right after the game and there is no time for PP.

As for flash, I'm not a fan. It puts the players off and can upset the officials. We had a clown turn up from another city and he started using flash - a popup one at that. He really pi%%ed of the regulars as he kept firing away and ruining shots. After he got the hint he moved to the other end of the court (not covering home team attacking basket) and continued there. Lo and behold the next thing was bright white spots and flare shooting players bringing the ball upcourt. Finally he gave up. I saw him looking at one selection of shots that were almost black with the players almost blown out. How he got a press pass I'll never know. At least we only saw him a couple of times a year.

On uniforms, I'd pick a temp that works best for the team you are shooting for (like the brides white dress, a team in white just doesn't look right with a tint - well maybe in the hair ) or for a particular sponsor's logo if that's what you're after.



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