Would you not rather buy the 1DX than the D4?

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Re: You forgot to mention :

Leos wrote:

mogando668 wrote:

Most importantly : ISO king

The difference is bound to be less. Canon is about to harvest the full frame advantage while the D4 most likely will be the same as the D3s.

Canon goes from a QE of 35% and Nikon from a QE of 57%. If Canon can improve on the 5D Mk II with 2/3 EV the 1DX is at a QE of 58%. If the D4 can be improved ever so slightly - with just 1/6 EV - the new camera will be at a QE of 66%.

In reality the differences in mid tone noise (SNR) will not at all be visible in final images/prints. The minimum noticeable difference is 1 dB (1/3 EV) and most people will be hard pressed to obtain differences of even 2 dB (2/3 EV).

Here are side by side 100% crops from the D3 and the D3s at ISO 25600. According to DXOmark the D3s is more than 1 EV better in SNR at this ISO setting. Do you find the difference dramatic?

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