Newbie who just got an SX40

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Yes, Henrietta, there CAN be a difference

""Another older thread dealt with someone who thought he had a problem, and then he did and noticed a difference camera to camera.""

Not just the SX40.... "Every" camera of a given model is just a little bit different than another copy of the same camera, as far as the way the pictures come out.

Everything (cars, boats, radios, phones, stoves, etc.) made by hand or machine has a plus/minus tolearance. NOTHING is perfect.

So, given that, if you have sensitive test equipment, you can test various different things in anything (cameras in this case) and find differences. Some will be VERY small, some may end up at the max. end of the tolerance.
Some things may show up to the naked eye...some may not.

How I know this, I work in the Aerospace field. We work very hard to eliminate as much of these electro/mechanical differences as possible...but they are always there to some extent.

So yes, your comment above, that person is correct, this can and will happen.


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