Sony 30mm vs Oly 35mm macro lens questions

Started Jun 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Sony alpha mount adapter to GH2 for Sony DT 30mm f/2.8 SAM Macro lens

I'm back!

Having read through the posts that people have offered, and now having had experience with the Nikon 50mm macro lens plus adapter, I'm ready to re-ask the question. My 50mm macro with the 2x crop is far too narrow to give the flowers the context I desire, and the suggestions of 105mm are even narrower, bulkier and heavier. So is there a wider alternative???

The Olympus 35mm macro has a 4/3rds mount, and Rainbow Imaging on ebay actually has an adapter to micro 4/3rds! The main problem is that the 35mm lens appears to be a fly-by-wire lens, meaning that focus can only be achieved electronically? So this lens just won't work with the GH2, even with the adapter?!

However, the preferred 30mm Sony lens is cheap and super-light.
There is an alpha to micro 4/3rds adapter made of aluminium and brass: $40

This ought to work, should it not? Why would this combination not work? I understand the autofocus will not work, but very few true macro lenses will autofocus with the GH2.

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