Why Fuji would do good to support the X100

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Re: Why Fuji would do good to support the X100

LaFonte wrote:

But there are two things at play. One is the issues the X100 has and the second is a naive wish for some magic firmware that would fix them.

I think it's naive to think that firmware is magical. It's written by software design engineers - all they need is the time and direction to do so!

I very much believe that there is little a new firmware would fix from all the remaining shortcomings as it is more due to the design.

Have you read this page on the dpreview review of the X100?

...or the threads from X100 enthusiasts, suggesting issues/enhancements which could be improved via firmware updates?


And don't call me appologist, because I really think there are issues. I just don't see them going to be fixed - ever.

Am I allowed to call you a defeatist?

The fact is, if firmware can fix a serious problem, it would be already done at this point as it is far the easiest way for company, instead of dealing with returns and repairs. The camera is essentially out for a year and half (the first six months had some supply issues). At this moment whatever was fixable is likely fixed and the rest is just, well on us.

I disagree, see above threads for a starting point... are you saying that nothing can be improved? or just expecting to have to buy a new body to get the fixes?

Making faster AF? No, - they were not able to do it in xpro 1 as it seems from the few people who were able to test it, so definitelly not for X100.

They've already demonstrated it's possible in the X100 - which had a definite improvement in focusing speed in v1.11. More could be done, given more time to develop better algorithms.

Manual focus - maybe since it is by wire, this is a firmware fixable, but incidentally one I don't even care about but some people do.

Who cares what you don't care about? this is about the capability of the camera for all photographers... if it's improved enough, you may decide it is useful after all.

So what else? Redesigning menus? Hahaha...

User interface design is no laughing matter - it can make a huge difference to the usefulness of a camera. The X100 is a superb piece of design physically - not to finish the firmware is criminal neglect imho.

So really, just deal with it, because you are pretty much on your own with x100 at this point if your warranty expires.

I'd like to be able to recommend the X100 unreservedly - having Fuji finish the job would make that much easier... and I'm not on my own with my X100 - I'm a part of the active Fuji community throughout the forums. We're all connected you see

You can either enjoy it as it is or try to sell it, or not buy it. But there is no middle road. Expecting some magical firmware "they promissed" (they didn't!!!) would result in a very big dissapointment.

Yes, there is a third way - love the camera, expect Fuji to behave responsibly and continue to enhance the user ownership experience through continued firmware updates. Lots of companies do this successfully - Fuji will too, eventually, I hope

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