Why Fuji would do good to support the X100

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Re: Why Fuji would do good to support the X100

whtchocla7e wrote:

Bram Bos wrote:

I have been thoroughly surprised at the level of defensiveness and sometimes outright aggression that is expressed whenever an X100 owner suggests Fuji should fix some of the well documented problems and bugs of the camera.

I like the message of this original post. However, I expect this thread to die a slow death by the same defensive tactics and displays of agression that you suggest happen here often.

Expect the trolls to flock in and start derailing the topic by questioning whether anything at all needs to be fixed; by proclaiming how their cameras work fine and they are satisfied; by downplaying the SAB issue, etc.

Blind loyalty is a force stronger than gravity.

I think something other than "blind loyalty" is at play. Depending on how you use it, the X100 can be almost problem free. For example, I shoot aperture priority, auto ISO, and raw, so I rarely have to access the menus. I also can use the Fn button for the ND filter, while others who use manual ISO have to decide whether to use it for ISO or for the ND filter.

Because it works for me, I defend the X100 as a very usable camera. But I understand that people with different shooting habits may find it frustrating.

I do feel that many criticisms of the X100 are justified. When I consider the camera objectively, I often ask myself, "What were they thinking?", or even, "Were they thinking at all?"

An open question is whether comments in these forums have any influence on Fuji. I do know that at least some people in Fuji US read this forum, but are criticisms posted here read in Japan?

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