How come Canon is always behind Nikon?

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Re: Yeah? Who did you say was falling behind? Where was Nikon?

photo nuts wrote:

gerry328 wrote:

Nikon struck back with sensors designed by them and fabricated by Sony that had better dynamic range and ISO performance than Canon's in-house sensors.

This happened only in the last few years. Before Sony started making CMOS sensors, Nikon/Sony/Pentax sensors were behind Canon, way, way, way behind.

And let me reiterate this (mostly for OP and those who believe his nonsense): which Nikon/Sony/Pentax APS-C or FF camera uses back-illuminated CMOS sensors?

Answer: zip, zilch, nada

Hi there photo nuts, you know what? You are RIGHT ON THE SPOT in saying there is IS NOT a single APS-C or FF camera that uses back-illuminated sensor yet. So, yep..what i did believe in and mention earlier is now indeed nothing more than just...nonsense.

After reading up more on sensors and the different make from major companies, it's true only small cameras have that technology, and that would make the patent right thing by Canon all too logical indeed.

Good job in pointing out my mistake. A lot of misunderstanding has been resolved thru you...thanks bunches! ^0^

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