No Auto ISO in G3 Manual Mode?

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Marco Cinnirella
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Auto ISO can be really useful - example

I was shooting a kids party recently where there was nice natural light from large windows and I didn't want to use flash. So I stuck the Oly 45mm on my GH1 and also on my G3 and shot away in S mode with 1/200 dialled in - that shutter speed was needed to stop the motion of the kids running around, dancing to their little kids disco and so on. However, the camera frequently opened up the aperture to 1.8 at the ISOs I selected, meaning the DOF was often too narrow. i needed at least f 2.2. Achieveing f2.2 and 1/200 in M mode with the GH1 and G3 meant continuosuly changing ISO as the cloud cover changed the amount of light shining through the windows.

in contrast, half way through the shoot I changed to my EP2 and set AUTO ISO, M mode with 1/200 and f2.2 dialed in - the EP2 did the rest (i.e. worrying about setting an appropriate ISO) and I could concentrate on getting the right shot at the right time.

Just one example of where it's nice to have AUTO ISO as an option in M mode - it's not somethig you want all the time, but at times like this it's darn useful.

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