Considering a move from DSLR...

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Re: Considering a move from DSLR...

You should take a look at the G1X when it comes out. I've read several posts like yours, where people say they are looking into it from the type of cam you already have. It might be a great bet.

Also, if you like the SLR, I'd not pass up looking at a Sony Nex5n (even a 3 or 7, depending on price range and needs).

Despite the 1" sensor, I was really amazed by the Nikon 1 series. Size, clean output, FAST AF. and so on. It was a stunning demo I had with them. Definitely don't ignore them. They are truly stunning in performance.

f97tosc wrote:

Hi all,

I have a Canon T2i which I use for landscapes (10-20mm lens) and family shots (a few different lenses). I am very happy with image quality but find it a bit bulky, especially for the family shots. Not exactly something you pull out of the pocket when the little one does a new trick. So I was thinking about getting something more compact for that.

But now that I've read about the NX200 I am almost thinking it could replace the T2i altogether - I could use the kit lens or a 30mm prime for the family stuff and the 16mm pancake lens for the landscape stuff...

Any thoughts on this? Anybody else did the same? Will I be disappointed in image quality for my landscapes?


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